Groundhog day, but in a good way!

Did you know that reading the same story over and over again to your child has many benefits? I know my children (particularly my two year old) loves to hear the same story over and over again. Sometimes I wondered if maybe I should have hidden that book and moved on to something else. That was, until I researched that there are actually many benefits of reading the same book over and over to young children. It helps to:

-Boost comprehension

-Improve vocabulary

-Allow the child to see themself in the story

-Allow the child to see something new in the story each time

A teacher friend told me to always point to the different pictures as you are telling the story. This helps the child to match what they are hearing with what they can see.

Of course, you will want to change up your book rotation every now and then but I have found with my children that they move on to a new story when they are ready. Bottom line: children love routine and repetition, so follow their lead!

Some of our current favourites are: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (our six year old), "The Gruffalo's Child" (our two year old) and "What the ladybird heard" (our nine month old).

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