Gift Guide 2021

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

For Babies up to 12 months

  1. Wood Effect Softie Mirror Tray

Did you know that developmentally mirrors are very important for babies? They inspire babies to reach, pat and point. They spark curiosity and motivate babies to practice important skills. They can even be used when babies are very small during tummy time to keep them entertained. As the baby grows, they may reach out to try to touch the mirror i.e. themselves!

Benefits: Sensory play, discovery and spark's curiosity.

Price : 25 euro


2. TickiT Rainbow Wooden Eggs (Pack of 7)

Beautiful smooth solid beechwood eggs in the seven colours of the rainbow, with a natural finish to show the grain of the wood. Ideal for creating imaginative scenes, encouraging creative construction, rolling, balancing, counting and sorting, sequencing, pattern-making and learning about colour.

Benefits: Sensory play, imaginative play, fine motor skills, communication skills

Price: 15 euro


3. Books