Who We Are

Our Story

Hello, I'm Maria. 

I'm married to Eamonn and mum to three amazing children. They are the ones who inspired me to set up Busy at Play.

When our first daughter was born over six years ago, I found myself overwhelmed like most first-time moms. I didn't worry too much about toys and the skills I wanted my child to acquire, I was busy trying to survive the rollercoaster ride!

Fast forward to today and two children later, I have a passion for children's play time and all things related. I am by no means a perfect mom - there is no such thing. I'm just a mom who loves to watch her children playing happily and discovering their place in the world. 

I am passionate about the Montessori principles and allowing my children the freedom to play in their own way and empowering them to be independent at their own pace. 

I set up Busy at Play, to provide you with thoughtful toys to enable your beloved child reach their full potential, while having FUN!

I love hearing from other parents on their journeys so feel free to contact me on our contact page. 

We are just starting out on our adventure here at Busy at Play, so please check back regularly for new, exciting stock drops!

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